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The American Wave Perm is sweeping the nation off their feet with this new and advanced rendition of the 80's perm. Welcome to the future ladies, you no longer need to spend hours trying to perfect the fresh off the beach look. Regain your confidence with this hot new look and get the head-turns you deserve.

It's time to take back hours of your life and get your desired look at the same time. This new style is fun and full of life. I've spent hours upon hours perfecting the American Wave Perm technique, and I believe I finally got it. After spending time studying under Carolyn Vinck, and under her guidance I was able to provide my clients with a flawless perm that will last well beyond your weekend getaway. 

The American Wave Perm is an opportunity to create permanent soft-curls with added volume and texture. The product itself is designed to decrease stress on the hair and strengthen hair cuticles to be able to form curls and wave patterns in the hair. This is the ideal product to obtain the fresh off the beach look with very little effort at home.

This look is paired well with a fresh cut & color with the cut sitting just below the shoulder. This style is hot and trending for the summer and could last well into 2020.

This new style was blowing up Twitter and Instagram at the last ISSE Salon and Spa Hair Show in Long Beach, California, and as I mentioned before it shows no signs of slowing down. The wonder of this look, is that no matter your shape, style or color preference, the American Wave Perm seems to fit most people and presents a chic and modern look with a flirty edge.

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If you have questions or concerns, you're always welcome to book a free consultation first, and smooth out any of your anxieties regarding your hair.

It’s almost Summer and It’s time to spice it up with this soft but edgy look in the American Beach Wave.