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Creations By Gina is located at 18420 N. 27th Ave Ste.128 Phoenix, AZ 85053

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Gina has a vision of infusing fashion and innovation to create chic styles that fit her client’s lifestyle and personality. Using a French cutting technique designed by Cartsen Wilms allowed Gina to develop her natural talents as a hairstylist. Gina perfected her technique while under the influence of profound wisdom and insight from some of the industry leading educators at the Carsten Institute. When it was time to move from the classroom and into the exotic world of hairstyling, Gina found a place that would allow her to explore her creativity at the Atlantis Salon and Healing Spa. With her desire to grow as an artist she continued to study while she built a reputation based on her eye for detail and efficiency.

For six months, Gina refined the art of precision hair cutting under the steady hand of Carolyn Vinck. As the Creative Director of hairstyling, Carolyn also shared with Gina the science of the Goldwell Coloring system. Gina polished off her educational portfolio by attending the Goldwell Training Academy and acquiring the latest techniques in color.  After a successful experience at Atlantis Salon and Healing Spa it was time to take her career to the next level. In May 2004, she began her new business venture by starting Creations by Gina where she continues to display her passion for the art of hairstyling. However, Gina knew that in order to become the top hair stylist in Phoenix, AZ then she would have to continue to learn and improve her hair cutting techniques and enhance her hair coloring skills.

Over the the last 6 years Gina has taken trips to the ISSE International Salon and Hair Expo in Long Beach California. While at the EXPO, she enrolled in several training classes and seminars involving both discussions and hands on training in the latest national and international hair styles. Each year Gina comes back to Phoenix with a new vision and an arsenal of skills that will blow your mind. Gina is both a student and a master of the art of hair styling, she will always be on the lookout for the next trend and with out a doubt have the confidence to execute the perfect cut with a flawless and vibrant hair color.