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So you're scrolling through your feed and come across the most beautiful cut and color, and in the caption it says "Ombre", then you're like "what's an Ombre?" So you ask around but no one seems to know. Well, I'm here to put your mind at ease and share with you that the Ombre hair style is exactly that – It's a French hair style and not a color. It's simply a way to color block your hair that gives it a dramatic effect. If you haven't tried something different with your hair in a while, call Creations By Gina and book your hair transformation today.

So what's Balayage? The style of Balayage is more of a color technique. It's an innovative way of applying hair color in a way that it gives your hair a more vibrant and balanced color. It's another French term that provides us Hairstylists a new way of painting on the color that allows us to be more efficient and effective with our color which means your hair is the beneficiary.  

What's New For 2018?
The Bohemian fashion and hairstyle is more than a trend - It's poetry in motion. Considering a change in hair styles? Taking that long needed vacation to the coast? Well, what better way to do it than to rock the latest and hottest new hair trend for 2018. Try rockin a new Bohemian Beach Wave. With my advice and with the right haircut and product, I can help you create the effortless look of the salty aired beach wave. 

Ombre VS. Balayage  

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Inside the Creations by Gina hair salon in Phoenix, you’ll discover a unique blend of style and color. Whether you're a hairstylist or a trend setting fashionista, we all know that innovation is key in the evolution of fashion, and likewise, in the art of hair styling. Olaplex is a hot and new trend in the color transformation and hair color correction product line. Gina has discovered that by fusing the Goldwell hair color line with the technology of Olaplex, she has the ability to create a beautiful and shimmery glow of blonde highlights that will not only look great, but strengthen your hair at the same time. Over the last few years Gina has perfected the pairing of Goldwell and the Balayage hair color technique to create some of the most beautiful and flawless haircut & color transformations.  

So, what's Olaplex? Olaplex is a hair product that will repair self-imposed and inexperienced hair stylist damaged hair. The Olaplex treatment strengthens and rebuilds your hair to make it tough enough to handle lighter hair colors and frequent visits to the salon. Your hair is priority and it is Gina's goal to establish a healthy hair foundation that will allow her clients to transform their hairstyles and color trends to fit their active and social lifestyles through every stage of life. At the Creations by Gina Hair Salon, we use the Goldwell hair color line because it is truly best in class. If you have never experienced Goldwell color, then you’re in for a big surprise.

The colors are carefully chosen then mixed to perfection. Once the hair is dried and styled, clients are amazed at how rich and vibrant the hair color is. The use of the Goldwell color line allows the colors to blend and separate with ease. For example, coloring gray hair is no longer just another routine visit to the salon, but an opportunity to experience the beauty of various shades of colors that will highlight you and not your age. Are you ready? Are you ready to walk in a room and take it over with just a flip of your hair? If so,

then call Gina today and experience the magic as you rest your pretty little head in the hands of a meticulous mind. 

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